We do our best to make all of Piano World freely available. But it isn't really free.

We spend $6528 USD a year to host Piano World and our forums, and another $2700. a year to host our newsletter. Together with our other expenses it costs me over $10,000 a year to support Piano World, and that's before I can make a nickel to support myself and my family.
I know, it's my choice (although I had envisioned being retired to a tropical island by now, I'm 66), and I love doing it. Piano is my life, and I'm thrilled to see the number of people who share my enthusiasm for pianos, and especially those who are just discovering the life long journey that is the piano.

But my point is, it isn't a hobby and it isn't free, it's what I do to attempt to make a living.

I rely on Piano World advertisers and our online store (along with some piano tuning) to support myself and my family. When we have a slow season like this past one I struggle to make ends meet.

And what does Piano World have to offer that might convince you to consider helping?

Well I'm glad you asked. In addition to over 2,600,000 posts (and growing) covering every conceivable subject related to pianos and the opportunity to post questions and receive answers, and to "meet" people who share your interest in pianos, digitals, hybrids, and keyboards, there is the main Piano World site itself with hundreds of pages of free information, games, puzzles, articles, and more. A collection that is constantly growing.

For an idea of what's available on the main Piano World site, browser our site map Piano World Site Map

If you would like to show your support Piano World and the Piano Forums, please visit The Support Piano World Page

All the Best,

Frank B.
Piano World and the Piano Forums

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