Hello fellow pianists!

I’m looking to find a career that better aligns with my passions and interests, which are equal parts piano/music and electronics (this makes digital pianos an especially interesting subject).

I’d like to relocate to a city where there would be opportunities to work at a digital piano retailer, a piano manufacturing or restoring company, or something along those lines. So I’d like to hear from the forum as far as what cities might some top candidates for this type of work. I’m open to relocating anywhere within the US.

I have a strong background in Information Technology, drafting, and great customer service skills. I’m a quick study and very hands-on, and looking to find a creative way to apply my skill set to the musical instrument industry. Happy to share my LinkedIn profile via PM.

Thanks in advance!

Current gear: Roland FP-90, Dexibell Vivo S1, Pianoteq 6 Pro
Retired gear: Yamaha CVP203, Roland RD700SX