Dear friend, Would you like to participate in a piano composition competition from your house?

No matter how far you are

The Eight Piano Composition Competition Fidelio via The Internet is open for registration.

In case you want to participate you are very welcome. As usual, It is very simple, you only need to play your own piano composition (1 to 4 minutes), and send the audio file, that’s all.

Inscription: 10 euros or equivalent in dollars

First prize: 500 euros and certificate and more...
Second prize: 200 euros and more...
Third prize: 150 euros and more..

In this competition you choose the winners of the cash prizes through a voting system published in the web. When you enter the voting rounds you only vote for the music you listen without knowing the author's name or pseudonym. It's only known when the final results are given. Deadline to submit your audio file: November the 30th. Voting rounds will start on december the 4th. . Many countries involved. The style of the music is free.

Important to read complete guidelines here: