Hello, forums.

I bought a Yamaha Clavinova CLP-930 in 2001. I played for a few years and then let it go. Picked back up around Thanksgiving of 2016.

I was working on a Bach Invention and recorded it using my phone. I could hear the keys... hammering? clicking? I don't know but it was very distracting and I couldn't hear the voices as I tried to emphasize them.

I'm looking to seriously get back into piano and want to be able to share things. But I can't work on my stuff when I can't listen to it without thinking, what are those sounds.

Do you guys have recommendations? I grew up on a Baldwin Acrosonic upright which I loved to pieces. But I live in an apartment building and don't want to make my neighbors crazy--especially if I'm playing in the middle of the night.



Yamaha Clavinova CLP-930
Currently working on:
- J.S. Bach: Invention #8 in F major
- Chopin: Waltz, Op 70 No 1 in G-flat major