Tour the Mason & Hamlin Piano Factory with us Friday, September 8th, 2017!

Yes it's time for another great tour of the wonderful Mason & Hamlin Piano Factory in Haverhill, MA (pronounced Heyvrill).

Additional details will be coming, but in the meantime you should fill out the form and reserve your space(s).

Pictures from our 2013 tour, along with other details about what to expect can be found here:

A few quick caveats... We do a lot of walking, there are lots of stairs (although there is a freight elevator available for those who cannot navigate the stairs). It is likely big (and noisy) machinery will be running, comfortable shoes are a must, there is quite a bit of sawdust on some floors, the factory is 6 floors. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and must stay with the adult(s).
Pictures are allowed, but please no flash units as they are distracting and possibly dangerous to the workers. You will be required to sign a release form. Please stay with the group while we are there, and be respectful of our hosts and their shop.

If you FILL OUT THIS FORM you will receive periodic emails from me with more details.

I will list below the people who have indicated they are joining the tour.
Maximum capacity is 35.

The tour leader Bruce Clark will have a headset and microphone, the rest of us will have headsets to make it easier to hear him.
Bruce is fine with handling question, just please raise your hand to get his attention.


Frank Baxter & Kathy Ford / Piano World / Maine = 2
Forrest & Greg / Kentucky = 2
Linda R. / NH = 1

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