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Gombessa, I actually bought this based on your review smile I'm 6'5" and the height is perfect for me at the lowest setting, though I could see a potential problem if you have your bench lower. I'm not sure how the ES110 compares heightwise to your rig, but I think it's great. Thanks for the recommendation!

Lol, I think I probably repeated myself a few too many times about the Quiklok by now. Glad you like yours, and I also intend to keep/use mine for many years wink

The ES110 should be fine on the stock stand height-wise, and I think you hit the nail on the head with the idea that an adjustable bench is really the way to go as opposed to butchering your keyboard stand. But I have a few power tools and a tendency to be penny-wise, pound-foolish so that's where I tend to end up!

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