I am so sorry to be so late to the party!
We've have major internet connection issues and work has been extra hectic the past month, so it has taken me ages to have "me" time for sitting and listening.

Thank you to every one who took the time to listen to my piece and give me some feedback - I appreciate every word !

Here's my first batch and I hope to be back soon for more listening pleasure!
Thanks to Monica for getting us set up again!

01. PawelS - Moonlight Sonata Op.27 No.2 Mov.1
I don’t know if I would like this played much faster – the tempo seems to be just right to my ears! A truly lovely performance, and a gorgeous way to start of the recital!

02. earlofmar - Consolation No 1 I’ve been hearing folks talk about “Consolation” for ages – I never realized there were several! I really enjoyed listening to this “new to me” piece. Your new approach is definitely paying off well. I am feeling enticed to try it! Most enjoyable!

03. MarieJ - Leo you are firmly established in the Einaudi “club” by now Marie! Very nicely played. I really enjoyed it – I also liked the background imagery you created with your ideas of what he was trying to convey. You play with a very elegant delicacy. Brava!

04. CarlosCC - Divenire Carlos my friend, as always you are in your element here with Einaudi – an evocative and stirring performance – obrigada for the listening pleasure!

05. SwissMS/Doris - Willy Wagglestick's Walkabout Doris – That was simply delightful! I’ve been rocking along toe-tapping and smiling like crazy listening to (and watching) your performance. Loved it!

07. AZ_Astro - When Rivers Flowed on Mars I thik I first heard SwissMs playing this about 4 years ago - It is a really interesting piece and it’s not easy to get that base voice singing smoothly. I think you did a really great job of capturing the mysterious atmosphere of this piece. Well done!

08. Peyton - Music For Tunnels Really interesting Peyton – and the video was neat too. I always enjoy your compositions and this is no exception – I’m just glad I could experience the tunnel virtually rather than in person. I found the music really drew me in, I liked the pulse of it very much. Keep them coming!

09. Monica K. - Ships of Troy Your back ground story to this piece intrigued me even before I clicked on the play button! It was very easy to match the music to the poetry as I listened – this was a really captivating performance – thank you!

10. Riddler (Ed) - I Rembember Clifford When I saw the title of your piece I thought “ I’ve heard that in a recital before” – I didn’t realize til a moment later that I’d likely heard it from you. I like this rendition. It’s fun to see (hear) someone come back to a piece that they’ve really connected with. Very enjoyable.

11. JustinDAggie - Rondo Alla Turca Charming! You’re right – who doesn’t love this piece? – I know I do. It was fun to watch you playing – Thank you for this musical treat!

12. J Soo - Intermezzo (from Faschingsschwank aus Wien, op. 26) This is another “new to me” piece – just listening to it I can picture the score – and imagine how much focus you need to get through this so smoothly. It’s an interesting piece with a lot going on – at times it made me think of humming birds flitting about but then there were the heavier tones adding drama. Well done indeed!

13. peterws - Lost elevator Pretty lively for elevator music Peter! I enjoyed the sense of wander you created - up down around- searching for that elusive elevator. A lot of positive energy in this piece- really enjoyed it!

14. h8dk97 - Bach's Invention# 13I have yet to tackle an invention – but I love listening to them! This was delightful – true to the style of the period and charmingly played. Thank you!

15. Richard (zrtf90) - Intermezzo, Op. 117/1 We don’t get a lot of Brahms in the recitals – I wonder why? – I’m not familiar with this piece, but I very much enjoyed it. There’s very much the feel of a story going on, and a very touching one at that. The part at 3.30 was particularly stirring – evocative of the Scottish highlands, I have wonderful memories of Scotland from traveling with people I love dearly and see rarely. Your playing touched my heart.

16. JoBert - Venetian Gondola Song (Songs Without Words - Opus 30, No. 6) I love this piece. It is so easy to picture a silent film, black and white yet still capturing the light of the water as the setting sun bounces off each tiny wave. I’ve had the pleasure of being in a Venetian gondola a few times, and it was delightful to bask in the flowing “dondolo” (rocking) of your gondola. A perfectly pleasing performance. Just delightful.

17. xyzzyFL (Susan) - Shangri-La I would love to dance with my sweetie to this music. Soothing, romantic, - it feels like the perfect ending to a splendid evening. Charming.

18. Chris Beecham - Merry Farmer I have this collection, but have not tried this piece yet – it certainly is merry! Very nicely played indeed Chris – you really caught the flavour of the piece !

19. Tubbie0075 - Prelude pour Louis & 5 PiecesI can’t believe you didn’t get an immediate reply thanking you for these delightful pieces! They’re great. Simple and sweet, but not too sweet – cheerful, I liked all of them but the third one made me laugh – it was so playful.
I am sure that Louis will love these pieces, and appreciate that they were written with him in mind. Bravo indeed!

20. ajames - Bach short prelude in Cmin BWV 934 I know what you mean about Bach making you feel like you have brain damage. My head feels like it is going to explode when I start on a new Bach piece (and I haven’t tried inventions yet!). These are real mental workouts and your time and energy dedicated to studying this piece really paid off. Most enjoyable!