first time posting my playing here.

My brother is an aspiring artist occasionally publishing his portraits on a French online magazine and having a few galleries of both drawings and pictures on his Behance page.

I've decided to try and help spread the word about his work by showing it in a few videos, where I accompany the images with my piano.

Here's the videos:

I play the following pieces:

Bach - Prelude in C Major 846
Satie - Gymnopedie 1 and Gnossiennes 1 and 4

There should be a couple more coming up in a while, one with Schumann's Of Foreign Lands and People, the other with the piano arrangement of a Japanese folk song.

If you feel like it, please have a look and let me know what you think about the drawings, the photos and especially my playing.

I'm aware there are a few imperfections and I would have preferred some quieter dynamics in certain parts, but I made so many takes looking for the perfect sound that I just got frustrated cry I hope it's decent enough!