Australia (Sydney & Melbourne)

23 Oct 2016
Sydney Town Hall

3 Nov 2016
Melbourne Town Hall

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About Giovanni Marradi
Giovanni Marradi is a well-known American Italian pianist, compositor, and also an inventor and educationist. Giovanni was born in a musician family, and his father is Alfredo Marradi who is an Italian famous violinist and conductor.

Giovanni is known as the contemporary piano godfather. Compared with other players, his playing style is full of romantic feelings. His music is so dulcet as if you are enjoying a beautiful scenery or to read a lyric poetry.

Giovanni has got countless award-winning works in the music field and the sales volume of his classical music record ranks the top ten around the world. He created dozens of classic works during the four decades between 80s and 10s, publishing 156 piano music albums in total, more than 1,000 different kinds of piano work, and over 100 million CDs was sold out, hitting a world sales record.

Giovanni won the Emmy Award three times, Telly Award, American TV Science Arts Award, EMA and New York music Award and so forth. The 28 sets music TV series Giovanni’s World of Music, filmed by American Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), became popular in different TV channels over the Europe and United States.

In addition, Giovanni also invented the Roll-Out Keyboard and GINI music-reading technique. The technique allowed many learners to play music in practice within a short period, which greatly enhanced their confidence and reduced the learning difficulties and time. It also made many learners get rid of the learning method with parents’ wordy supervision, which changed the way of music teaching and the lifestyle of music families. This time, except for bringing music, Giovanni will bring his technique into Australia.

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