I never was very good at talking about things I've created, nor have I ever been comfortable trying to share it with people because I always feel like I have to try to be a salesman and I find people who just throw stuff out for sale somewhat annoying.

Like most artists, I always feel that everything I do can be better. It's a curse and you have to learn to draw a line and say that it's good enough or you would never get anything done. I don't have a very big social life so my exposure is pretty limited and I lack a lot of self confidence when it comes to talking myself up the latter. With that said, I finally decided to just put my music out somewhere and if someone likes it, great.

I never was sure what kind of genre this music falls under but I came to the conclusion based on other's opinions that New Age pretty much covers it. I'm not a fan of the umbrella that is New Age but if it works, I'm not going to complain.

Once I truly learn Piano proper, I'm sure this music will seem somewhat dated in 5 years but I look on this project as sort of a diary of my musical progression. You know what else? I had a lot of fun making both of these albums and in the end I suppose that's all that matters. I can honestly say I think the second album is better than the first and I can feel myself learning more each time I make one. So, if you'd like to give it a listen and tell me what you think, go for it! I am pretty sure my webpage has 3 free plays per album. I'm not expecting anyone to buy anything but if you listen to it and have any opinions please share.
I'll never really know if I have a chance musically if people besides family never hear my stuff. I totally expect these songs to sound amateur simply because they are. I guess I'm just desperate to get feedback.

I hope I didn't forget any details in this post but I'm sure I'll remember extras to post later.

Link - https://novemberauditorium.bandcamp.com/album/november-auditorium-ii-the-gates-of-dawn

Thanks everyone in advance for the feedback and what have you.

Still enjoying lurking these forums and I hope to have that digital piano soon!