We've been seeing a rise in the number of members creating multiple accounts on the forums.


From the Forums Rules, Guidelines, and Help

14.)Creating multiple accounts

An individual is allowed one account on Piano World. If it appears to the moderating team that you have created multiple accounts the duplicate accounts will be closed at the sole discretion of the site administrators. Creating a second account for the purpose of "anonymously" promoting a product, discussing a controversial topic, etc., may result in both accounts being closed.

Frequently, members create second accounts because they forgot their password. There is a simple remedy for this: click on the "forgot my password" link and a temporary password will be sent to you. You can then log in and change your password to something you can remember.

Name Changes:
If you want to change your name do not create a new account! You may request a new display name as follows:
  1. Click on "My stuff" in the center of the forum menu list (right in the middle, above)
  2. Select "Edit Profile"
  3. Scroll down to "Display Name"
  4. Enter the new display name you're requesting
  5. Click on "Submit" at the bottom

A forum administrator will review your request.