I'm going to build organ pedalboard, to save a ton of my gold, and would appreciate some tips and suggestions. smile

The pedalboard will be in form of basic midi pedalboards, as i don't have space for traditional church-like. I guess around 20 pedals would suffice for me. I will only connect it to my laptop at home, and figured out my wireless keyboard Logitech K360 blush inside will do, with some software. The keyboard's layout is simple and keys have reasonable gaps, so i guess it's just right for purpose. I've also considered midiadapter-pcbs found around internet, but i think solution with keyboard would be easier and sufficient for me.

I'll make a wooden enclosure and pedals myself. As of pedals, i would like suggestions for comfortable size/gaps and best ways to attach them to enclosure. I guess i'll handle connecting each pedal to the keyboard afterwards.

Yes, i took a look at old Electones' pedalboards, but they only have quite a few of them. Besides, it would be nice to have something personal on my keyboard set. smile

Thank you!