OK guys, sorry if this post is in the wrong place- I swear there used to be a gig listing and it's not here anymore. But I got good response last time so I wanted to use your charming forum again...

My rock band is interested in adding a classical pianist to the team. You should have excellent chops and be able to improvise, or at least to write your own parts to the songs. (None of us play piano well enough!) You should have a portable keyboard for gigs- the guitarist has one but he's not a pianist so you would probably do better to have your own. (I have one too but my low Eb is broken...)

Our music is posted at www.notjustanotherprettyvoice.com and myspace.com/notjustanotherprettyvoice (friend me!)

For examples of what we're looking for, look at bands like Muse (ie the song "Space Dementia") and Queen ("Death on Two Legs").

This is not a paid gig per se, but rather joining a band, which in the traditional manner is share-expense/share-profit. We probably will not use piano in every piece, which would be reflected in your expected rehearsal time and expense contribution.

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!

Amanda White

ps I'm working on a little forum for our site, come say hi www.notjustanotherprettyvoice.com/forums