Instead of having so many stickied threads - here is a link to some of the great gatherings that have taken place over the past several years!

Take a look - you may be inspired to organize your own event!

ElaineAllegro is the organizer for two piano groups in the Chicago area and northern suburbs, and a member of a chamber music meetup group in this area. She'd be happy to network with anyone living in or visiting the area to find a piano or chamber music group, or other piano-related resources.

European Piano Party ITALY 2016


Mason Hamlin Piano Factory Tour 2013

European Piano Party - Brussels - 2013

Party at Mr. PianoWorld's house 2013

Mason Hamlin Piano Factory Tour 2011

European Piano Tour 2011

European Tour 2011 - discussion thread

Cape Cod Piano Party 2011
PianoWorld Piano Lovers' Cruise 2010

NYC 2003

Our Denver members have had several parties....

Here's one One of the first Denver Parties!

And the Arizona folks meet up too!
Arizona Party 2013

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EPP 2018 Sank Goar, Germany