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But Why Do You Need The Money?
Perhaps this is a good time for me to explain a little bit more about the Piano World structure.
My name is Frank Baxter and I am the founder/host/owner of Piano World.

What started as a hobby has become my full time vocation (a decision I made after repeatedly being "downsized" and "outsourced") and a labor of love. Together with our online store ( it is how I support my family.

I only point these things out because I occasionally receive nasty comments from people who think I'm not entitled to sell advertising or products on my site. I guess they feel it makes the place too commercial.

(You know what? Even if we didn't need the money I would still host ads because it gives piano/music industry companies a chance to reach out to their audience and our members/guests to learn about these companies )

Did you know it costs me over $10,000 a year to support piano world ? (more at: )
Or that behind the scenes we are constantly working to improve the forums and the rest of the site, including paying professional programmers?

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