I have my eyes on a Samsung Note Pro 12.2 inch for composing and writing out ideas. I was just writing out a reharmonization (on paper) of the first line of "I've Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)" by Ellington, as one example. I also want to notate jazz tunes with chord symbols (C maj7, F/C i.e slash chords - as a couple of examples). I also want to be able to notate maybe an interlude of slightly more difficult music (an example might be the instrumental interlude of "Kid Charlemagne" by Steely Dan).

I know this forum is more classically oriented but good music is good music. And writing is still writing.

So, I was interested when I found NotateMe. But what I found disappointing was that they seem to be going the route of creating midi-playing scores. I'm a very capable pianist and what I really want is an app that allows writing music on a tablet as it it were a piece of paper, but with the convenience
of easily deleting boo boos (instead of erasing on paper) and copying and pasting a section of notated score and maybe altering certain notes. When the software guys start implementing midi they put you in a straight jacket. I used to play around with PrintMusic and found it very limiting and frustrating. I'd like to be able to notate some pitches without assigning durations to them when sketching a new idea.

Hopefully I've gotten my point across. So, does anyone know of apps for these uses?