Hey everyone,

I'm offering free 20-minute "mini-lessons" to anyone who wants one. They'll be first-come-first-served for those who can fit into my schedule for tomorrow (5/1/14) or Monday (5/5/14). One lesson per person.

This isn't a giant sales-pitch for anything. It is a service I'm offering as part of my "celebration" of the launch of my new membership site (see sig for details), but the time is yours. We can talk about whatever music/piano-related stuff you'd like. My specialties are in the areas of improvisation-based styles, like jazz, blues, pop, rock, etc. and in the areas of songwriting/composition. smile

If you're interested, simply email me (james@betterpiano.com) and give me one or more times that you're available (including your time-zone). I'll see what I can do to fit you in.


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