Hi forum,
So I'm a beginning composer who has some orchestral composition experience. I currently use Musescore, but I hate the sounds that it comes with. I've tried some other free soundfonts, but their not too great either. I love sounds produced by East-West Quantum Leap (either Hollywood series or Symphonic Orchestra) and I would like to integrate that into Musescore. There is just one problem. Musescore is not supported by East-West. I've been doing some research though, and I found that there is something called a DAW, the one I'm looking at is called Reaper, that I might be able to use as an intermediary between EWQL and Musescore. However, I haven't the faintest idea how I would go about doing that. Does anyone on this forum have any ideas?

Any thoughts would be much apprciated,
your friendly neighborhood composer