...Are so fun when you can finally do them half decently!

Only just started learning scales and arpeggios recently. Now it's my main method of procrastination from what I should be doing... 日本語を勉強している!

Got the chromatic scale up to just under 8 seconds (bottom to top all 88 keys). I heard some people can manage 5-6 seconds... I am slowly getting faster. Weirdly for me, my fastest is my right hand going up the keyboard. I see a lot of people setting their records using their right hand declining down the keyboard... It's much harder right now for me, but then again I haven't practiced that much declining).

Also, can someone tell me what this is?

G B D G A B D G (followed by decline G D B A G D B G). I was learning this little portion of a song when I realized I don't even know what it is, and can't seem to find it. Can do this up and down in just under 2 (woo 1.75 seconds timed just then. Could only do it in 4 seconds just 2 hours ago...) seconds, which seems fast enough for the song (although I need to simultaneously press chords with the right hand, so it is going to be a struggle doing that...).

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