I'm experiencing latency issues when using Band-In-A-Box2014. I know that this forum isn't specific to Band-In a Box (and I've posted these same questions on PGMusic's forum), but I thought that I'd post here as well in hope of possibly getting some ideas.

In a nutshell, I experience slight but annoying latency using the MME driver. Switching to ASIO4ALL has not helped as I then get no sound from my MIDI keyboard thru BIAB at all. (Keyboard is a Yamaha DGX640). I've tried following the procedure outlined in PGMusic's Help video about Latency, but it hasn't helped. As a result, I have not used BIAB much at all.

Well, now I'm asking whether perhaps there's another (hopefully more reliable/foolproof) way to "skin the cat". Are there hardware options (the more reasonably priced, the better) that would resolve the latency issues I'm having? Perhaps something with it's own ASIO driver?

If so, I'd appreciate any specific links.

FWIW, my set-up is as follows: DGX-640 connects to Win7 laptop computer via USB. Laptop sound is output to Behringer Xenyx502 Mixer which outputs to either headphones or to M-Audio BX5 monitors.

It's also important to note that I use Pianoteq A LOT (separate and apart from BIAB) and there is no issue with latency (also using ASIO4ALL). So I definitely do NOT want any proposed hardware solution to compromise Pianoteq's presently excellent performance.

I know absolutely nothing about any possible hardware options, so I'd appreciate any explanation on how/where in my set-up any recommended device be placed (ie - between piano and computer?; between computer and mixer?; etc.

My main goal is reduce/eliminate latency when I use my keyboard with BIAB. A secondary goal (but not critical) is to improve the quality or even selection of overall sounds in the system. (Would that involve a hardware synth of some sort? And would that be a totally separate device?)

Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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