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Welcome to the board, Yzorah! And an interesting first post. Could you explain what a multi-family household in Calgary is

Hi Peter! I've been lurking for awhile, and since I live in the area mentioned, I figured I'd say something smile

A multi-family household is just that...multiple families living in one house. Generally sections of the house (just a normal, everyday, single-family house) are sectioned up into suites or apartments. It isn't unusual to find a 3-bedroom house that has been split into basement/main suites, or even further into a 3-floor arrangement. Often each will be given a rudimentary kitchen. It started as "nanny suites" or "Granny suites" so that a grandparent who needed family assistance could move back in, or a college student who needed housing could have their own place.

It really took off in the newer sections of town where we have a higher population of new Canadians. Suiting a house makes the mortgage more affordable and gives reasonable rent to more people (some of which may be family). Some of these homes are being built intentionally large to accommodate multiple suites. Unfortunately, the drawback is that it's often not done to any sort of code and can pose a danger to the tenant. Also, it puts strain on traffic in neighbourhood as there is no bylaw stating that a landlord needs to provide at least one parking space per tenant (this would limit the amount of families per household).

Our mayor has tried to address this issue a couple of times. It will likely be an ongoing battle.

Most definitely, general traffic to a piano teacher's house should put little to no added stress. If you plan on a sweeping, large-scale business like the lady referenced, you're better off finding appropriate office space smile

It's a common-sense situation, but common sense is getting rarer these days!