If all of what you're saying is true, then you have exceptional circulation to your piano-playing hands and also an exceptionally adaptive central nervous system. It looks like you're also not understanding what "warming up" is.

"Warming up" for just about anything has real reasons. It puts the brain in a replicative state and gives time for the central nervous system to adapt to the expect incoming stimuli so that we can best issue the proper response. "Warming up" can also be literally: fast passages and fingerwork in the average person is only achieved after the piano-playing muscles are fueled and warmed.

Just because you think you "don't have to warm up" doesn't mean that others don't.

"A good intention but fixed and resolute - bent on high and holy ends, we shall find means to them on every side and at every moment; and even obstacles and opposition will but make us 'like the fabled specter-ships,' which sail the fastest in the very teeth of the wind."
R. W. Emerson