Please let me know what you think! Constructive criticism and comments on anything are encouraged. I have no instructor and am learning on my own. I play piano solely for personal enjoyment and nothing else.

"New Orleans Blues" by Jelly Roll Morton, played on a digital piano by me. THE VIDEO AND AUDIO DO NOT MATCH, I KNOW. At least I'm playing the same song... For ears only.

The video was recorded a month before I learned the ending stomp section (25 Oct 2013). Interestingly, I played w/ almost exactly the same tempo in the video as I did in the audio. Audio was recorded 16 Nov 2013. I got the piano 25 Aug 2013.

Played from James Dapogny's transcription. The crazy tuplet section is omitted. Lots of errors, mostly crushed keys, poor dynamics, and having heavy hands.

Digital piano is a Kawai CN34. Video was shot with my Samsung Note 2 (smart phone).

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