Have you noticed the Sharing is Caring! buttons at the bottom of most pages?

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If you've been around Piano World / the Piano Forums for a while you may know that we've always had some form of social media sharing buttons/links. In fact most sites you visit these days provide buttons/links for sharing just look around and you'll spot the options.

We have always encouraged our valued members and guests to share with their friends and colleagues. This is one of the ways we attract new members.

The new buttons are just more obvious than the old ones, and provide you with more choices for where you can share. (The green button furthest to the right opens a box with a list of additional sharing options in case the one you wanted isn't among the buttons).

Note that they are specific to the page you are on, which is why you will see different "counts" for the same button, depending on what page you are on.

On a personal level it does my heart good to see people sharing our site with others because it shows they found it interesting enough to want to share.

On a business level sharing with other social media helps attract new people to our site which our advertisers appreciate and which can mean new shoppers in our online store.

Sharing is a form of marketing for us, but it is also a compliment to us and our members that someone found something interesting enough to want to share it with their friends.

(There is a vast difference between posting a link and comments about something you liked on our site (or any site), and copying our content to re-post on another site, which is strictly against our rules).

So PLEASE consider sharing when you find a post, thread, or interesting page on Piano World.

And THANK YOU for being a part of the Piano World family.

(By the way,in case you are interested, there are 88,609 sites linking to us and our content.
And Google has 12,452,325 PW pages indexed (stats from 01/01/14).)

- Frank B.
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