We were at the piano broker today came recommended by a friend who is also a piano technician.

2 pianos we are considering:

(1) Kawai KS1F 49" in height Serial # K1389213, made in 1983, reconditioned in Japan. Polished black. The broker will sell to us $3500, free delivery, free tuning (in 3 months).

(2) Kawai KL32BS 52" in height Serial #1423525, made in 83, approx. Also reconditioned in Japan. Polished mohogany-but look more burgundy. This one will be $4500, free delivery, free tuning in 3 months.

He said he will tune the piano before delivery too.

We also listened to the Yamaha and as much as it seems many more prefer the Yamaha, we like the tone of Kawai more as Yamaha is in fact more bright.

Is is worth to spend $1K more on a 52"? The broker said it has a much stronger sound than the 49" but it is a matter of what we are comfortable with.

(1) by the way, what is the KS1F equivalent to? K3?

(2) What is the KL32Bs equivalent to today's model?

Is it worth to spend $1K more for the 52" model?
I just thought we will get a black color piano since we saw them most in the showroom...but now we think this burgundy color may also go with the decor of the living room but afraid we may have a hard time re-selling it because it is an more unusual color?

Please advise. this is our first piano for our 7 yr son who has been taking piano lessons for 2 yrs. I am getting excited because I will want to learn too!

Thanks in advance.

Piano Newbie