Hi, I love the idea of the online recital, I plan to participate in the next one in Feb, and to upload my first one in 2 weeks on the "first time" page as well.

In the meantime, I would like to find others in this area I can see in person and play for in person and hear others as well. I formed a group on Facebook for anyone that might be interested. Please let me know if there is a better place to post this too. Thank you!


In case you don't use facebook this is the description:

New to the area (Yelm, WA), looking to meet new friends that want to improve their piano playing experience.

The idea:
- meet monthly, can alternate homes to meet
- play 1 or 2 pieces for the group as a recital
- practice performing "live" and obtaining feedback if desired
- increased motivation to work on pieces throughout the month to bring and play at the recital
- Pianoworld online has quarterly online recitals that involve many participants around the world !!! http://www.pianoworld.com/forum/ This is great! However, it would be nice to see some real bodies playing right in front of me or listening to my work. My personal goal is to play for others.

- I am a mid-level beginner at piano. Currently not taking any formal lessons. I own a Yamaha 235 and Kawai ES-100 digital piano.
- I am looking for adults of all ages and experience levels, but open to younger persons as well if can sit and appreciate hearing any others during their performances as well.
- I am willing to host the first few months to get things going as well!

Got input, questions or any other feedback? Please let me know! Thank you! Hope you will consider participating regularly. Thank you!

mid-level beginner pianist (again) serious as of Dec 2013!