So a while back I composed this piece of music using a QY700 music sequencer.

I still have the midi file and was thinking of trying to print it out. I wish I knew more about my own music!

The thing is I know nothing about this piece of music that I created. I don't even remember what key it's in and I have never actually played it, just entered it into the sequencer step by step.

I want to improve my skills and knowledge about music. I want to be conscious of what I'm writing, and be able to actually play things that are more complex than what I currently invent with my rudimentary playing. For example my left had is always doing a half note or quarter note (depending on the speed of playing) bouncing back and forth between the root and the fifth of a chord. Sometimes this is played around with, but as I play right now, I simply cannot break out of this form. I need to read more music, and learn new rhythms, then adapt what I've learned for my own creation.

Anyway about the piece of music, I was hoping people could listen to it and if they had some sort of expertise could give me advice as how to turn it into sheet music and eventually know how to play it. Right now it uses two similar voices but it sounds like something that could be played by a solo piano player.


so there it is.

I guess what I plan on doing is finding the MIDI, also keep my QY on my piano music rest, as well as try to notate myself (though I don't know much about notation) and print out the MIDI as sheet music without really knowing how it should look. I'm not sure it will be in a key signature or if it will just come out as notes with flats and sharps designated.

I guess the best way to learn is just to jump in and try to teach myself some stuff... I want to take a piano class at school and other music courses, but there's a lot I can do on my own too if i have the discipline.
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