I'd be interested in confirmation (or not) of what my ears are telling me.

On the PX-350 (and presumably other x50 models), in the default "GP Concert" voice, there's very little difference in the sound of a _single note_ with damper pedal raised, and damper pedal down.

And there's not much "mush" (the "loom of undamped strings") when a single note is repeated, with the damper pedal down.

But with the "GP Studio" voice, I hear a substantial difference between the sound of a single note "pedal down", and the same note "pedal up".

And I hear a lot more "mush" from the undamped strings, when I play the same note repeatedly, "pedal down".

. . . Am I "hearing things that aren't there"?

Or do the two voices really have different "characters" when pedalling is used?

Thanks --

. Charles

PS -- I _should_ settle this question with a MIDI file of keypresses, an audio file from the PX-350, and some spectrograms. But there's too much to learn right now . . . it's not a trivial project.

. Charles
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