Hi everyone...
I'm interested in comparing Yamaha SY99, Yamaha S30 and Yamaha CS6x synths in terms of:
* sound quality
* sound dynamics
* which has better keyboard concerning the aftertouch and velocity sensitivity
* which has better piano sounds
* which has bigger number of sounds / larger memory?

I know these are great synthesizers, I also know I can read all the specifications and other info about all the classic and new synths, but I'd like to hear some experience from people who know what music production really is.

Maybe some of you have (or had) the SY99 and can compare it to some other but similar synths produced around the 1990s or in early 2000s? I know that the SY99 is not only a synthesizer, but also a workstation. I have an MPC so I don't really need a sequencer that much, but it's an interesting thing to have such an option in a synth.

To be honest, my biggest dilema is between the S30 and the CS6x.
I've heard they have very similar sounds, but one of them (I think it was about the S30) has bigger number of pianos and slightly more jazzy/funky sounds, while the other one (probably the CS6X) is more focused on synthetic dance music sounds. Is that true? I'm asking because some other sources say that these two machines have exactly the same sound banks and so the number and the types of sounds are also the same. Can anyone please help me to verify this?

I can't hide it - my preferred synthesizer brand is Yamaha, but I'm also opened for checking out some other good synths from Korg, Roland etc, which have good aftertouch and velocity sensitive keyboards, lots of interesting sounds and which come from a similar "league" (meaning quality and price).

===>>> I need good pianos, rhodes, pads, strings and chill-out sounds mostly for acid jazz, trip-hop, funk and ethnic music. <<<===

Any suggestions?