Hi all,

I've just completed the work on a very in-depth multimedia suite called "Better Blues Progressions: 50 Fantastic Progressions and the Secrets Behind How They Work." You can check out a free sample right here:


Here's a short breakdown:

• 50 different blues progressions and the means to make many more.

• Lots of discussion around the progressions, revealing little-discussed techniques used by professional blues and jazz players to "take command of harmony" and bring the blues to life. Many of these techniques are also "classic twists and turns" found elsewhere in jazz, blues, and other styles, and that every serious player should know. It's an invaluable resource for anyone interested in composition and arranging. 400+ pages, over 5 volumes!

• 50 high-quality "backing tracks" audio files, allowing you to play along with each progression. Six different styles are featured: 12/8, shuffle, medium swing, fast swing, ballad, and funk. See BetterBluesProgressions.com for audio samples.

• Much more than just an "academic study of blues charts," it's a full-fledged "system" - a vast "playground for the blues" for beginners to explore, while also being a "legit" source for upper-level techniques for those advanced players who are ready for them.

Coaching is available, too! See site for details.


I'd love to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks very much!

James Dering

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