recently, I've started to search for an acoustic upright for daily practise (I started piano lessons 2 years ago and till now I've been practising only on DP - Kawai MP6). Since my budget is limited to 4500 Euro (app. 6200 USD) I checked used uprights market and I found this Yamaha U1. You can see and hear it here:


The dealer is quite far away (500 km) and if I decide to travel such distance I need to be know what to check. What do you think - is it worth to buy 31yo piano or to buy a new one but lower end? The dealer's price for this one is app 3000 USD. It was imported from Sweden, had only one owner and was rarely used as the dealer informed me.

Or should I go for e.g. Yamaha B3?

I appreciate all your comments!


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