I don't remember if this was on this forum or not, but I have some advice for the following pianist:

1. in jazz, "less is more." Don't play so many notes. Use fewer notes to hint at the chords, particularly when doing anything other than harmonizing the melody

2. when improvising, you are free even in solo piano to abandon the bass line. Use rootless chords in left hand instead. this will allow you to concentrate more on your improvisation

3. now's the time to make the effort to build stronger lines in the right hand. A lot of people think the RH improvisation needs to follow the LH chords, but this is not true. Forget about the LH chords. Create a chord progression for the RH only and use that as the basis of your improvisation.

4. Make a conscious effort to continue the improvisatoinal lines instead of giving up at the chord change.

5. Abandon the "safe" chord voicings that you learned in classical music, and start learning the chromatic chord voicings that we play in jazz.

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