I just purchased second-hand a GEM novopiano DP-40. When I switch it on and press the keys it does not make any sound (I tried using headphones as well). When I switch it on, the LEDs about the keys light up one after the other from left to right. I'm guessing that this is the startup-sequence. After that none of the LEDs light up and the LCD display is blank too. There is no response when I push the Voice selector, Metronome buttons etc. I know that the LEDs and the LCD do work because I can restart the piano ---holding down the two buttons below the LCD and powering on---and then all the LEDS and the LCD lights up.

I know this is an old digital piano and I was aware when purchasing that some fixing would be required. Can anyone tell me if the piano can still be made to work?? What should I try? If you need any more information to diagnose, please ask!!