I'm trying to identify a Baldwin baby grand we've had for a long time.

If my measurement's correct it's 5' 6". We had somebody come out to assess it and will probably be doing a full restoration. He was saying it might be a model R but wasn't sure at the time since it's not quite big enough but definitely bigger than an M.

If there was a serial number on the plate it seems to have been painted over. I did find what may be a serial number on the bottom of the piano below the treble area. A37282 is stamped with black ink there.

I found mention of a Model A here http://www.pianoworld.com/forum/ubb...1/topic/024652/Number/0/site_id/1#import listed as 5'6". And according to this site http://www.bluebookofpianos.com/serial1.htm 37282 would put the manufacture date at 1920 which is around what we expected.

Anybody have any tips for identifying what we have?
I'm waiting on the official estimate and info from the piano tuner so he may have more information by now.