Hey all,

So I have a chance to go down to New York for a few days and I was thinking of taking the time to spend a day or two extra to take a look at pianos.

As I'm looking specifically for a Mason & Hamlin A in the sub 10K range - I find that I'm a bit unlucky here in Toronto as I only have found Mason & Hamlin's for 18k+... but generally in the 25k+ range. In New York, however, I found a few on craigslist and pianomart.com. I was thinking of perhaps buying one in the states and bringing it back home.

After doing a bit of searching on the forum here, I know I have to be careful in case the keys are ivory. If I'm buying it from a private seller, what duties should I expect to pay? What about a used piano retailer? How much should I expect the move to be (again, from New York - Toronto)? Are there any other things I should worry about? (And yes, I would get a tech to inspect the piano before I buy it, certainly.)

In the end, is this, realistically, worth doing in order to stay in my budget or will I just blow my budget up willy-nilly?

Refurbished 1971 Kawai KG-3 (6'1")

Dream piano: Mason & Hamlin AA/BB. One day, I will have her!