Was asked to play at a church function in a neighboring
town and my wife sang.

Walk in to the dining area and they have an old
Hamilton Studio upright for me to play.

Doesn't sound awful, but could sound better.

But the big distraction was while playing, it
literally sounded like I was trying to type a

"Click, click, click" for all six songs plus "Last Date".

About drove me crazy. (Short trip for me).

Anyway, figured must be some pencils or something
laying on top of the keys behind the fall board.
Nope, turns out the fall board has a metal rail
the goes the length of the fall board,
and where the stops are supposed to be to keep the
fall board from going back too far, they were missing.

The clicking noise was the backchecks hitting
the metal rail as they fell back into place
when the key was released. Arrggg.

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