A recent post asked why use of the una corda (soft pedal) on a Clavinova wasn't particularly pronounced.

I have a related question. The una corda on my Yamaha C3XSH's digital side is quite effective. I hear a reasonably pronounced softening effect in both tone and volume.

I wonder though, if that's been acheived with actual pedal down sampling or is just done with an electronic volume reduction. Does anyone know how they did the sampling for the SH series' silent action?

I do know it's a very good sampling of a good piano. Even more impressive than the Clavinova that I used to have and love. In the recent post someone said that 'all good sampled piano's have soft pedal (una corda) samples. I wonder if that's true for Yamaha's SH.

The reason for asking is that the digital side's una corda is better (to my ears) than the C3X accoustic side's una corda! If the digital una corda was achieved through proper sampling, I shall be asking the tuner/tech/dealer why my accoustic una corda is so very much less effective than that of the sampled Yamaha.

Yamaha C3X SH