Originally posted by Roger Ransom:
This is a good example of differing tastes. ... snip....
I'd put it in a landfill and hug my new piano.
Piano player and part time land-fill piano tuner

Well Roger, sounds exactly like the piano for you doesn't it?

I do a lot of tuning of old pianos for people who cannot afford a regular tuner. Many of them are bad enough that tuners have refused to tune them. I don't charge much and tune them as good as they can be tuned so at least they have a piano. hence the 'tuner of land fill pianos. \:\)

I didn't intend the comment as an insult, just an interesting observation.

And, in truth, I do prefer new pianos although I am none too excited by the ultra shiny black. There are a lot of options between the 2 though.
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