I'm a new member here who's just been led to buy a Zoom H2n Recorder. I hope to start posting to YouTube soon, but before I can get there I need some help from you guys in getting the best recording quality possible out of my recorder. Here is a quick recording made on my Yamaha M404 upright, in XY stereo, with the mic sitting on a small table directly behind me in my living room. 96/24 WAV and FLAC (Edit: I am told that box.com allows you to stream files without downloading. Here are the files uploaded there.) I apologize for the poor playing - I'm just starting to get serious about piano again and it's very much a work in progress - but at this point I am looking for recording feedback first. Is there somewhere else I could place the H2n? Do you hear an appreciable difference between the two formats? I just had the piano tuned and voiced two weeks ago, but I live on Lake Erie and my folks have had the windows open on some humid days since then, and I'm concerned it's already messed with the piano's sound too much. Is it bad enough that I should get it maintained again before considering a YouTube debut? I wonder about media player software too - listening on my Shure SE535s, I notice a difference between the WAV and FLAC in VLC that I don't necessarily hear in Audacity; the WAV sounds cleaner, but almost artificially so, exposing the sharpness of the melody to a degree that listening in the room itself (and in the FLAC file) does not. Is this something VLC could be introducing? Or is it actually giving a more accurate image?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I'm very new at this and feel I need a lot of help getting to grips with the audio situation. Thanks in advance for your help!

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