This week I did my first attempt at recording this famous sonata. I had (sort of) dabbled with it very often, but never practised it a bit more carefully so far.

Some might consider this sonata as played to death, but I don't think that's ever possible as long as people can listen with a fresh mind for the beauty of melodic invention and for Mozart's unique sense of structure and proportion.

In the 1st movement, every variation consists of two pianistic textures (so could actually be considered two variations) in the measure structure ||:4+4:||:4+4+2:||. The middle "4" in the 2nd part usually takes up the 1st part and it's interesting to see how Mozart selects or condenses the 4+4 bars from the 1st part into the 2nd part (e.g. I really like the little "shortcut" trick in measure 105 (Var. 5), in case anyone is interested in this). The last 2 measures always feel like an epilogue, shedding some new light on a variation; it kind of reminds me of the last two lines of a Shakespeare sonnet.

The Trio of the Menuetto connects (IMO) both pianistically (hand-crossing) as well as atmospherically to Var. 4 of the 1st movement. The 3rd movement...well, enough said I guess smile

Feedback or criticism, as always, would be very welcome!

I. Andante grazioso
II. Menuetto
III. Alla Turca - Allegretto