Hello. I'm the happy owner of a Yamaha CP33.
Now I'm looking for some speakers system to play at home and the main doubt I have (and I think it is also a common topic) is if to buy a pair of monitors or a hifi system.

I know that the monitors give a flat sound and are very good to get all the details of the sounds, but this does not necessarily mean that they sound better/more confortable for playing piano. Also they have to be placed in a specific position because they are very directional.

Here in the UK I can have a pair of Yamaha HS50M for £240 but for a bit more I can have a micro hifi Denon DM39 with some speakers like the Dali Zensor 1.

I guess that I would have more freedom to place these not monitor speakers (I thought on putting them under the keyboard) and maybe the sound would be more 'natural'.

Could this solution be compared to have a high end digital piano with built-in speakers?

Of course I would get also a DAB radio, CD player, iPod connection... grin