Starting off this support thread with reference to another discussion thread, since there are some players using the PFA course.

Feel free to discuss anything related to the PFA program, or share your experience. I'd like to start by asking if anyone has been trying the Blueberry Hill rhythm. I'm having some trouble syncing my hands, not sure if it works for me to sing out the rhythm, as Robin suggests.

All inputs welcome, also from those who know this rhythm - it's quite popular and PFA is far from the only course covering it.

I have one suggestion, or addition to the rhythm as it is laid out in PFA, book 2. Start with an arpeggio like this: If you are playing for example a C major chord, before you get into the triple 12/8 part, play the root twice, then arpeggiate between E and G six times. That is C-C-E-G-E-G-E-G. One remark, the notes are not of equal length, sounds something like du-du-duuuu-du-du-du-du-duu.

Gives it that kind of a funky groove, which can be heard in Fats Domino's original version.

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