I've been away a while now, trying to manage the surging popularity of Boom Boom Kitty.

Boom Boom Kitty came into being as a reader-driven project, a serialised novel about kids from space, a girl group, a kitten named Boom Boom Kitty, some nasty men in black, a little Cold War humour thrown in for good measure, and, well, there are some new developments afoot:


The number of people who have read Boom Boom Kitty thus far number around 100,000. I can't account for the popularity of the story- it was written back in the 90's, posted on-line, and left there.

Back then it got the usual response, was read by the users of the site, got something like 78 hits, and was eventually consigned to the archives and forgotten.

But recently, someone read the story, blogged about it, and purely by word of mouth it has taken on a life all its own.

When the hit counter began nearing the 20,000 mark, I began receiving e-mail from scammers, wondering if I'd sell the rights to the story for $100 or so. And with the rights scammers came vanity press scammers, wanting me to pay big bucks to have Boom Boom Kitty set in print. Not marketed, mind you. That was my problem.

Lots of legit publishers have shown an interest, but none of the e-book publishers want to pay me anything. The skinny is that e-books don't sell very well, and, well, they're like dealing with vanity press but don't cost you anything.

I'm shopping around for someone to turn Boom Boom Kitty into a Manga or Anime, and although I've had no luck so far, it has been a lot of fun and a learning experience.

Not bad for an old retired guy who hardly knows how to turn on a computer!