I've been through absolute heck for the last 6 weeks. I always get earworms when I'm stressed, so my head was like a 24/7 jukebox. But interestingly (and unfortunate that this is the first time I've gotten to this level of stress to experience this) the genre of music that gets stuck in my head changes according to the level of stress. For example, at the beginning, it was pop. In the middle, it was film music. And now, it's metal (but it looks like all those years of classical study still has an influence, because I prefer symphonic metal). I don't really want to know what happens after this--are there any more, errm, dramatic and violent genres?

What about you guys? What do you listen to (or gets stuck in your head) when you're stressed?

P.S. Just in case anyone was concerned, I am dealing with it but both ways take time. Either it's move out of the area I'm in, which I've already applied for three jobs outside (deadlines were this week) and still another 2 to go, or sit out the year (my horoscope said I would have an extremely difficult year this year), which I think is far less preferable.

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