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I heard a rumor that other composers (besides Joplin) actually exist....so I may venture off into the wild and learn something different after I am satisfied that I have butchered enough Joplin pieces.

Wow! Doing Weeping Willow so quickly is fantastic progress!

In regards to other composers, ragtime has what is called the Big Three--one king and two princes. Joplin is the king and Joseph Lamb and James Scott are considered the princes. You'll definitely want to explore their rags. Seek out Rudi Blesh's "Classic Piano Rags" to get some good Lamb and Scott rags, as well as rags by other composers. The used edition has more pieces in it than the reprint. You can also usually find PDFs online for most non-obscure rags.

I'd be happy to chat ragtime with you. Just send me a private message.

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