I have a sad dog story to share with you.

On the Friday evening of January 19th, a little black terrier came to my door. My friend was just leaving to go home and when she opened the door there was a shivering little dog. At first I thought little dog might have just wandered off from her "owner"- she snuffled round my garden and my friend left for the bus stop. I chopped up some vegetables for a casserole and put on it on to simmer on the stove. About 20 mins later I opened my door to find little dog had returned to my door step. I invited her in- how could I leave her there? It was clear she had been abandoned. She was shy and needed my invitation- she clearly had more manners than the heartless people who had dumped her- she didn't just run in but tentatively walked into my warm sitting room when I patted my leg and said "Come on.." gently to her. She lay on my settee and dozed- she seemed very tired. I could not keep her as my house only has 4 rooms and I am not allowed animals in my tenancy agreement. To add to that I am out a lot ( part time job 4 days a week) and have a dog allergy. I called the dog warden and a very kind dog warden came for her and he was a real animal lover. He said he'd be taking her to kennels and a loving home would be found for her. Little dog had no microchip or contact details on her collar. When he had left with her my sofa looked very empty.Incidentally, it snowed later on that night- I dread to think what would have happened to her had she not come to my door.

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