That's a great idea. Although I got sucked in by the Casio hype so much, including here that I went out and tried one. It wasn't anywhere close to matching all the hype. I think at the end of the day when you have an overwhelming chorus of budget minded (and beginner) individuals raving it definitely has effect. I think casio has the numbers game going right now. Youre hard pressed to even find Kawai boards for demo. the big box stores didn't even have full lines of Rolands to try out. Casio was everywhere. Of course, folks find 5 to 700 bucks easier to part than 1500 plus. It's not a bad keybed at all. It's just that the plastic wrapper is a bit ....... Plastic? It has it's place. That lighter weight makes for a good gigging machine. And under engineering the wrapper allows the designer to put more money on the action. Hype is hype.