At last got mine CVP 503 (+ Mox)

[Linked Image]

I went to store to get CLP 440. But they only had polished ebony which costs about $600 more than other CLP 440 which was $2200.

I saw this open box CVP 503 for sale on $2600. I grabbed it since I thought it was a better deal. CVP makes the Mox to look like a tiny toy grin

But I have a strange problem when connected Mox, I cannot sustain the mox concert grand using CVP sustain pedal.

When I press the sustain pedal, instead of sustain I get full reverb.
I noticed that when I press the sustain, AF1 switch(on mox) turn on and with soft pedal, AF2 turn on.

Basically the sustain pedal & soft pedal is recognized on Mox as switch for AF1 & AF2.

Any workaround to make CVP send CC 64 through midi when sustain pedal is pressed. I want the half pedal though?


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