Hello everyone, I wanted to share my brief experience with this piano and give some insight to those who might be looking to purchase it.

Tone and Sound
As a previous px-330 owner, I was very intrigued as to what improvements Casio had made to the piano sound. When first turning the unit on it starts with the Concert Grand setting. This was probably the worst preset I had ever heard on a digital piano. It was very stuffy sounding and unimpressive. The Modern Piano setting is far more desirable and sounds brighter. The main problem I had was that whenever you turn off the piano it defaults back to the Concert Grand preset and forgets the reverb setting. Maybe there is something in the manual I should have read but it was very annoying to say the least. As for the decay, it has improved but not in the way I was hoping. I cant exactly describe it but its as if the notes reverberate more but dont have any fullness to them like on a yamaha or competing models.

Maybe this is due to the onboard speakers, which by the way are terrible. I had read reviews of the AP-220 and saw that people complained that it was small and stuffy sounding. I was hoping Casio had fixed this problem and the sound would be improved. Sadly it was not. At the highest volume I could bang away and it did not feel like I was sitting at a real piano. My 330 was louder than the 250 even. I believe this is due to the speaker location in the cabinet which allows the sound to bounce around inside before escaping. I would not purchase this piano if you dont plan on buying external speakers.

The action compared to the 330 was definitely improved. I had always considered Yamaha's GH action to be superior in this price range but I believe Casio is on equal footing now. The synthetic ebony and ivory keytops were a joy to play on. They are not as grippy as some people say though. It is a very thin layer on top of the keys.

If you haven't guessed by now I no longer own this piano. I ended up returning it due to 2 keys having the infamous "click of death".

Click of Death

Being the unlucky guy that I am, the piano was already assembled before discovering the issue. Thankfully the online retailer I purchased it from has free return shipping but it was a hassle getting the thing back into the box. mad

The cabinet design is very nice on this model. The bench was a little low for me and it doesn't have any adjustments so be aware of that. The pedals were also a little resistant. I guess this a common thing of new pianos and over time it would loosen up. I was also kind of disappointed that the black finish was not available, but brown would look good in any setting I suppose.

Overall I did not like this model and would not recommend it to non beginner players. Im sure families that have children would be content with it. It feels like a piano should and would be adequate for someone with an untrained ear. I will be purchasing the AP-620 instead and using a software piano to playback through the speakers. cool