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I write about this in the Youtube description. I'm 54 years old, returning to lessons after a LONG time not having a decent instrument.

I'm also trying to relearn technique, and the practice videos I record show me it's posture and breathing that I've got to work on. However, there are a set of four lessons by Seymour Bernstein on Youtube that I recently stumbled upon.

EXCELLENT. How this pedagogue doesn't have at least 20,000 views astounds me.

The piano I bought at auction in 1954, and I've been doing the work, learning as I go along with the help of DIY enabler and all round good guy Keith Akin, Kpembrook here.

I'm not skilled, but I'm learning to be.

Anyway, Seymour Bernstein points to Chopin's starting finger positions (flat, curved, loose arm, loose wrist, pads of the fingers, relaxed, relaxed, relaxed, relaxed, the curved fingers being placed on C-D-E-F-G, and the flat fingers positioned on E-F#-G#-A#-B (or B#, if you technically anal, or C if you can live with the enharmonic easy way out)

So, here's a very aimless, loose, what-have-you short snippet using those ideas as a 'wish list' of connection between the keys.

I've kept telling myself I'll wait until the sound is just right, the playing is just right, the recording technique is just right, THEN I'll post..

well, in a years time I've come to realize that ain't happening. So ... here ya go.

Improvisation 012313


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